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One Innocent Life has already made real impact

Not just in terms of awareness, we've made legal change, spurring on legislation to make sure nobody else is hurt by a preventable fire.


Due to our campaigns, Connecticut Law Bill 1502 section 57 went into effect on October 1st, 2015. The bill requires all tenants of Connecticut homes and residences to be notified in the lease about whether or not the building has a working sprinkler system. This includes the off-campus housing college students frequently live in.

Looking for an article about us, or looking to write one?

Our Press page showcases any articles in print or on the web that others have published about One Innocent Life. It also contains our press kit, with all the info you'll need on our cause to get the story out there.

Want to see a list of our major accomplishments so far?

Check out our Milestones page, showing our veritable highlight reel of impact to legal and public awareness. We're sure to make more waves soon enough.

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